About Us

A full-service railroad construction company for outsourcing large and small railroad rehabilitation projects.


Sharp & Fellows was established in 1877 to provide long lasting railroad track services in the state of California. Our founders established their respective companies over a century ago proving its longevity and quality production. Our skilled engineers and expert designers have a combined 130 years of experience in this industry tackling any task in an orderly fashion. As California’s top railroad contractors, Sharp & Fellows has successfully completed thousands of railroad construction projects for a broad range of customers. We offer a full range of railroad track construction, management, and materials solutions to complete project needs. Sharp & Fellows Inc, hs grown to establish two official full-service facilities located in San Bernardino and the other located in Los Angeles, California. Check out our Contact Info on our Contact Us Page for more information!

Our Company Mission

Our primary goal is to render excellent, world-class railroad service solutions and customer service to all our clients; We aim to go above and beyond client expectations, deliver and complete projects on time or earlier–big or small. We aim to work with you and for you while affording a nurturing, caring, and productive working environment for our employees.

Sharp & Fellow Philosophy

At Sharp & Fellows, our core philosophy is Precision Railroad Work; which is grounded on the principles of Dedication to Quality and Service without Compromise: the ability to provide what the client needs. We believe in giving our maximum commitment and effort to every project, and in being able to continue to meet the demands, challenges, and changes of the ever-growing and ever-evolving railroad industry.

The Sharp & Fellow Promise

We assure our customers that we will work closely with them every step of the way to guarantee that projects requirements are met and followed from concept to completion. We continuously strive to find ways to ensure complete customer satisfaction and promise to continue expanding our range of services and grow as a company to meet the rising demand for railroad track services for future generations.

Sharp and Fellows Inc.

Join the many customers and clients who have chosen Sharp & Fellows for their railway needs for the past 140 years

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