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Single turnout and rail spur in Santa Fe Springs, CA. Drainage, retention pond modifications, retaining wall and chain link fence installation.

Aggregate Loop Track, Victorville, CA – 9800 T/F with #11 and #9 turnouts all on steel ties.

Multiple track expansion project- South Gate, CA. New turnouts, three new tracks, drainage modifications and 50,000 square feet of asphalt paving.

Multiple track and turnout expansion – Fontana, CA. Short radius turnouts, 115lb rail and concrete/steel panel switch protection for the turnouts in the pavement area.

Trolley Track for Americana at Brand – Glendale, CA. Standard gauge CWR trolley track, pre-bent tight radius curves, concrete embedment throughout.

36” narrow gauge track and yard – Santa Margarita, CA. Design build contract for 9500 feet of 36” gauge track and 5-track yard.

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