Are Railway Systems Obsolete?

The Prime Time of Railroads

In the late 18th century and then on into the 19th century, America saw a growth as well as innovations in the railway systems which lead to the transcontinental railroad and the standardization of rail travel. With the transcontinental railroad, the American West experienced a growth in population and a revolution in the economy.

Advancements in Technology

Over the years, cars became built for more comfortable and even luxurious travel. Planes became a more standard form of travel and tickets became more affordable. With modern-day technology, such as Skype and other telecommunication technologies, the need to travel for business or the amount of time that families would go without seeing each other was drastically reduced.

The Importance of Railway Systems Today

While rail travel is not as common as it once was, the freight business is flourishing. Serving almost every industrial, wholesale, retail, and resource-based sector of the economy, the railway carries about 54 tons of goods each year. Broken out, that equals approximately:

13.7 million trailers of consumer products per year.
1.6 million carloads of agricultural products per year throughout the US and the world.
1.9 million carloads of vehicles, vehicles parts, and vehicle accessories per year.
1.3 million carloads of lumber and paper products per year.
2.4 million carloads of essential chemicals per year.
5.2 million carloads of coal per year.

Although they are now more commonly used to carry cargo, railways are still used as modes of transportation, especially in metropolitan areas.

Expert Railroad Contractors

With the railways still thriving, the importance for industry experts continues to grow great and greater each yer. Sharp & Fellows, Inc. is a railroad contractor service with the expertise and experience you need for all of your railway projects. Sharp & Fellows, Inc. offers repair services including:

Inspections and detailed inspection reports.
Repair proposals if necessary.
Budgeting for improvements.
Cleaning, lubrication, and adjustments.
Monthly maintenance programs.

Other services provided by Sharp & Fellows, Inc. include:

On-ground or overhead crane rail maintenance.
Track demolition and removal.
Full track design including preliminary feasibility studies.

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