Three Industries Reliant on Railway Transport

Three Industries Reliant on Railway Transport | Sharp & Fellows

The railroad industry has been in battle with the trucking industry for years now as roads have become more plentiful and accessible while rails age. Fortunately for Sharp & Fellows (and the rest of the railroad), there are industries which rely on the power of train transport to get their materials to their destinations safely, quickly, and reliably. Here are just a few of the industries that rely on steel wheels instead of rubber.


The original power source for the steam engines that powered trains back in the day, coal is still a vital part of America’s total energy plan due to its availability and low cost. As the coal industry has become mechanized in the modern era, so too has the need for reliable transport been essential in getting coal to the power plants where its needed to generate electricity. Of course, due to competition with natural gas and increased government regulations on existing coal plants, the coal industry has essentially plateaued. And in its place has come…

Oil and Natural Gas

When laying pipelines becomes too costly or dangerous to the environment, an alternative is needed to get crude oil and natural gas to the refineries. Railway transportation has stepped up to the plate in recent years due to developments in large tank capacities and investments in terminal stations. In recent years, business in this sector of transportation has been valuable for railroad companies across the country. Should the price of oil ever fall to levels where railroads can’t afford to continue shipping it, there’s always one industry railroads will always support…

Agriculture and Intermodal

When a farmer needs to get his harvest to the factories and markets fast, there’s nothing better than a train for the large volume and reliable transport. Popular commodities include wheat and corn, oats and beans, and sugar and coffee. Double-stacked intermodal transport, in turn, can replace large trailer trucks from off the freeway by shipping more over longer distances.

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