Breaking Down California’s First Bullet Train

Crews in California have been working on the state’s first ever bullet train since June of this year. The proposed plan will build a train that spans from San Francisco to Los Angeles with the trip taking merely 2 ½ hours. As with any major projects, there have been a few snafus. Here is the actual cost of what the trains and a few other facts you may not know.

Cost of the Bullet Train

Since the idea’s conception, there have been several estimates as to what it might cost. It ranges from $105 to $83 million dollars and the current estimate of $86 million dollars is the cheapest of any fast train ever built.
But how much will fare cost? Since the project is not yet complete, there has not been any information on that front. We can expect to learn of costs when it becomes closer to the date of completion. It makes sense that it is one aspect of the project that will be mulled over since it will affect millions of travelers.

Expected Ease of the Train

The Los Angeles Times has estimated that 10.7 million people have flown back and forth between Los Angeles and the Bay area. With the addition of the train, we might see a decline in traffic at LAX and Bay area airports simply due to the convenience. Why would you want to head to the airport earlier when you can simply hop onto the train?
For those who like to travel via car, you can now get the experience of seeing the sights as you would from a car without having to put wear and tear onto your vehicle as well. The cost might be less but it remains to be seen.

Los Angeles Railroad Contractors

Completion of the project is expected to be in the year 2028. It is going to be exciting to see this major project unfold before our eyes.
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