Continuing a Long Tradition: The Los Angeles Metro Rail System

Traveling by Rail

When a commuter thinks of getting around Los Angeles and their mind head directly to thoughts of bumper-to-bumper traffic on the freeways. There is one form or transportation that has not only been around for years but continues to thrive: trains. The heart of Los Angeles train rides is located in Union Station but spreads out all across the city.

The Past, Present, and Future of the Los Angeles Railway

The Metro railway has recently celebrated their 25 anniversary on July 14th. The rail started out as a single line, the Blue line that spanned 22 miles and only 22 stops.  It has now expanded into various lines that stop at 80 rail stations covering 87 miles of rail. Since its inception, the Metro Rail has become an integral part of the Los Angeles transportation system. Commuters are now able to travel from Los Angeles to Orange County and Riverside with greater ease than in a vehicle.

Just because the Metro Rail has made excellent strides in the past 25 years does not mean they are finished just yet. Currently, they are planning a high-speed rail which will leave from Union Station to San Francisco in a matter of 2 hours and 40 minutes. There is also plans to construct a line that travels from Crenshaw to LAX, which would be extremely convenient for those who need to get to and from the airport without much hassle. Rather than be satisfied with the status quo of current lines, they are expanding the Expo and Gold Lines. Due to these latter upgrades, the rail system will now span over 113 miles across Los Angeles County.

Railroad Track Construction in Los Angeles

The Metro Rail has not been this successful on pure luck. It takes a considerable amount of time and planning to create an effective system. As a railroad contractor, the associates at Sharp & Fellows Inc. have the expertise and experience required for your rail service needs. Whether you need a new design or in need of an inspection, we have the services for you. For additional information, view our projects online.