How Bad Is the Damage a Rail Flaw Can Cause?

If you own a railroad, you know it’s important that everything is in proper working order to ensure that payloads and cargo arrive at their destinations as scheduled, however, due to time constraints or other factors, it can be tempting to put off maintenance until a more convenient time. If it’s only minor, how much damage can it do?


Track defects are the second leading cause of accidents on railways in the U.S. according to the United States Federal Railroad Administration. Some of the most obvious defects to watch for include corrosion, cracks, and wheel burn, however, other dangers may be much less obvious to the naked eye. Bolt holes, welds, switchblades, and other rail parts can show damage or potential damage, but more extensive identification methods should be used to find all potential risks.


A professional railroad track consultant and inspection team should be called in to inspect all potential risks that you may come across as well as to do regular maintenance to prevent major issues from arising. Professional teams have access to and knowledge about detection methods including ultrasounds, radiography, magnetic induction and more.


A broken track can not only derail a train, but can derail operations for days and weeks at a time! Don’t let neglect or a lack of time stop you from doing today what will stop you from operating tomorrow. Get in touch with Sharp & Fellows, Inc., Orange County’s most trusted railroad contractors, today.