Life at a Different Pace

Returning the Railroad to Los Angeles

Life in the passenger car of a train is a life apart, a life on the inside looking out, with all the creature comforts you could imagine. The railway provides travelers with a means of getting from one place to another in style, free from worry about outside influences. Trains by their very nature are able to fly under the radar, metaphorically speaking, and away from many of the treacherous weather patterns that air travelers endure.

During the holiday season, families and individuals alike will take to the roads and the skies. Some are traveling to get away, others to reunite, while still others are simply seeking a change of scenery. The beauty of a train ride lies in the journey. On a grander scale than airplane travel, train travel is exciting in and of itself. The passing cities, landscapes, and views from the carriage are second to none. In a world that is constantly looking for the next best thing, sometimes it is the old favorites, the classics, that work best. Train travel is comfortable, relaxing, and in some parts of the East coast – comparable to air travel. There are even some journeys that cost the same or less as flying, and can get you there faster overall.

The Future of Transportation in Los Angeles

The immediate future for transportation in Los Angeles is bleak. The 405 alone is one of the most congested and heavily traveled highways in the United States, a fact that any commuter sitting in Friday traffic can attest to. Plans by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority will take many years and tax dollars to complete, leaving commuters to find ways to get from point A to point B. The time may come, sooner than most would assume, when a railroad in Los Angeles is necessary for the flow of traffic to be sustained. Train travel allows companies to transport goods – out of the way of daily commuters. In addition, commuters can utilize the trains for a more leisurely form of travel. While car companies continue to create vehicles that are safer, more fuel efficient, and last longer, the solution to worsening traffic conditions could lie on the tracks.

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