Keeps the commerce of countries rolling

Even in today’s highly technological world, country’s still rely on the power of railway transport for a constant flux of trade, industry, and commerce. For a gamut of reasons, the largely mechanical railroad has remained integral to these three facets. Following is an elucidation of these reasons, and how they have correlated to the prosperity of nations for over 500 years.

Leaves motor vehicles in the dust

The locomotive is able to achieve the same duties as an automobile, but in a greater capacity. Rather, the automobile can achieve the same duties of a locomotive, but in a far lesser capacity. Trains travel further distances than cars, at an exponentially faster rate. In addition, they haul more cargo in one fell swoop than a car ever could; materials, goods, people, livestock, etc.

Always on track

It’s hard to lose a train. They operate on railway tracks. One can assume with great certainty that if a train is set to travel from point A to point B, it will arrive. Although there are ways in which a train can be delayed, the odds of traffic, accidents, or weather seriously inhibiting its trajectory are slim. For the most part, there is only two ways a train can go, forward or backwards. So if isn’t heading towards you, it will be soon.


One of the more invariably essential duties of a train and railway, the speedy mobilization of raw materials is cheaper and faster on the tracks. As a bulk of raw materials reach their destinations more frequently, businesses far and wide can do what they do and contribute to their respective economies. First world countries need trains to maintain their highly productive trade industries. Developing countries need them to stimulate and foster an emerging trade presence.

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