The Angelino Commuter’s Ally: Railroad Transportation

Getting to Work on Time

If there is anything Los Angeles residents can appreciate the most is not being stuck in traffic to and from work. Many of us know that those occurrences are few and far between. For those who have to travel a good hour or more for work can appreciate any form of transportation that can get you there faster and aggravation free, which is what the train offers to its riders.

Benefits to Taking the Train to Work

Taking the train, which was once the norm, has never really left and has seen a resurgence of the railroad commuter. Here are some many wonderful benefits of ditching your car in favor of this classic mode of transportation.

While being completely safe, the average train travels top speed at 150 MPH, when compared to the 60 to 70 miles one might travel on the given freeway, this is more than double the speed. Meaning that you can get to your destination much faster. Especially when you factor in that most of the time spent in standstill traffic, the train is a straight shot from station to station.

Being on the train also gives you the luxury of sitting back and mentally preparing for your day ahead. Now that you no longer have to worry about jumping over lanes to get your exit, you can refocus that energy to prepping for a big meeting or enjoy a cup of coffee. After work commutes can be the perfect time to shake off the work day to be fully present when you get home.

In times when gas prices soar and car maintenance is expensive, you can save money on both front by investing in a monthly pass. You will be glad when you do not have to shell out the same amount of money per week at the pump that equals a month of train rides.

Los Angeles Railroad Construction

Another great benefit of taking the train can partake in a mode of transportation that many commuters have used for decades. At Sharp & Fellows, we ensure that the trains continue to run with ease for commuters. Our services include track construction and maintenance along with design. We have over 130 years of expertise to serve your needs. For additional information or to schedule a consultation, contact us at (310)3237784.