The Different Types of Rail Transport

From Passengers to Goods

When one thinks of railroad transportation they tend to think of locomotives hauling freight cars. Sure that is one way a railroad is utilize but there is so much more they have to offer. Especially in a metropolis as Los Angeles, a train is necessary for not only moving goods but people as well. Each area holds their own benefits and specialties.

Freight and Passenger Rail Transport

Freight Trains
As you know, freight trains are utilized to haul goods. There are special types of freight cars used for this type of transportation. Freight trains are efficient in the terms of economy and scale and energy efficiency. There is another type used to haul goods called container trains. These are heavily used because they are easily transshipped. Containers can be transferred from trains to ships and trucks via a crane. Unlike freight trains, containers are flexible in comparison.
Overall, shipping bulk items via train is energy efficient as well as cost efficient. Trains can handle the shipment of bulk at a much lower rate because they are able to hold a large quantity of product. Items such as coal, grains, or liquids are perfect for shipping via train.
Another way trains are utilize is transporting passengers. Passenger trains are an integral part of public transportation and work together with other public transportation such as buses to create an efficient system.
Passengers Trains
Passenger trains have come a long way. There are trains that hold the same amenities of the old. There are the trains that hold sleeper cars for longer rides. Then there are the simple subway lines that connect passengers from station to station for their daily commute.
High speed railways are becoming extremely popular in passenger transportation. Traveling at 120 to 200 miles per hour, these rails are especially attractive to inner-city locations. Currently they are used in Europe and Asia for long-haul systems. Now cities such as Los Angeles are looking to add these rails to the city of commuters.

Los Angeles Railroad System

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