The Importance of Railroads to Los Angeles Business

Part of the Global Supply Chain

There are thousands of miles of train tracks wind through California and recently the railroad system is going through a resurgence. This is due to the ports receiving goods from Eastern countries, namely China. Reports have shown that 40% of all goods that come into the United States is from the ports in Southern California, namely Los Angeles and Long Beach. This influx of goods means that the Los Angeles railroad system is once again shown to be an integral part of the business sector in not only in the United States but globally.

The Part the Los Angeles Railroad plays in the Global Economy

Exporting and importing goods is a long-held tradition in the business world. Dating back to the East India Company to ports that are still located all over the modern world. While factory jobs have moved over to Asia, the exchange has been sending freight to our ports. Cities that receive freight have seen a boost in their local economy. In a time when the business market is hurting, this is a vital part of keeping cities afloat.
How does the railroads in California coast play a part in the national economy? Merchandise has to be shipped somehow. While trucks are also popular, railroads are the most effective as they can ship mass quantities of cargo containers with ease. Not do they only ship up and down California but the railways connect to railways across the country. Merchandise that lands in Long Beach can make their way to the East Coast in a matter of day and vice versa.
Railroad systems are not like the ones of the years pass. There have been major upgrades to the cars and other machinery along with the rail systems itself. Over the years the rail networks have improved in the form of extending rail lines and replacing old ones.

Los Angeles Railways

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