The Shipping King

And the perpetual relevance of the railroad

The railroad has been chugging along for over 200 years with no signs of stopping. It has persisted through centuries of vast advancements in engineering and infrastructure. Like all mechanical technologies, it has seen its fair share of minor improvements and adjustments. When it comes down to it, the railroad’s basic functionality has remained hardly untouched, making it a true industrial marvel.

It is still as significant as ever. In today’s increasingly connected world, global and nationwide shipping has greatly amplified. More resources and goods are being sent to more places than ever before. The railroad has adapted to this influx rather easily, re-demonstrating its worth to a variety of industries. Here are two huge reasons why the railroad has remained viable over time.

A cost effective technology

From a financial standpoint, it’s in a business’s best interest to utilize the railroad for shipping purposes. Trucking is another popular option, however when stacked up against the railroad, there is no comparison. Trucking’s reliability on fuel hinders its efficiency. Especially nowadays, where fuel prices fluctuate so sporadically, it doesn’t make for a good investment. Railroads, and the trains that roll on them, aren’t subject to such ebb and flow, allowing many train operators to keep fees competitive.

The sustainability of the railroad

Labor is another huge factor when it comes to illustrating the cost-effectiveness of the railroad. Trains don’t require many operators to pull its linked trucks, which at times can reach 100+. This keeps labor costs down, providing train operators with financial flexibility. This is pertinent considering that labor expenses extend beyond paying workers. It also alleviates the time employers spend on working with the government, either filing paperwork or paying payroll taxes.

Keeping the railroad industry strong

To keep it chugging for another 200 years, extra attention must be given to the railroad. The entities that oversee railroads must be on top of maintenance, lubrication, and inspection. Just as opportunities for new railroad routes and tracks must be taken advantage of. The technology has proven to be a financially and mechanically sound means of shipping, one that performs a great deal while wasting very little. To not foster the continued success of the railroad is to not promote effective growth. We at Sharp & Fellows have been singing the praises of the railroad for over 130 years and will not let the railroad fall behind. Visit our website or call (310)-323-7784 for more information!