Train Transportation Enters a New Age with the Bullet Train

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The traditional railroad will see its younger brother, the bullet train, come to California, beginning Tuesday, January 6th. The bullet train will take passengers from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and further to San Diego, and the first construction is now underway. The project is expected to take many years to complete, and currently the funds for the project have not all been established. The groundbreaking will happen in Fresno, with Governor Jerry Brown overseeing the new endeavor. While the project has its detractors, what it does show is that train travel is a viable entity. The train will change the way Californians get around, and make the 6-hour car drive between Los Angeles and San Francisco a thing of the past.

Good and Bad for Railroad Industry

Early evaluations of this project recognize that it is fraught with problems. The nation’s first high-speed rail system will cost a staggering $68 billion dollars, a number which even casually observant citizens recognize as a starting figure, rather than a concrete amount. The advantage of beginning construction in the middle of the state is twofold: 1. Rail officials believe they can get more miles built in the Central Valley, cheaper than Los Angeles or San Francisco 2. This middle leg allows them to test the system. The railroad itself may also pose a problem for other freight railroads.

In a recent LA Times article, two of the nation’s most powerful freight railroads were reported as being concerned about a bullet train will affect their operations. Most of the vitriol that stands opposed to the building of this train concerns the cost of the endeavor, which detractors say is unlikely to be completed. Only time will tell for this major undertaking, which is projected to be completed in 2028.

Railroad Track Consultant

The railroad industry in the United States is changing, but in good ways. This train represents a safe way to transport people quickly, without the inherent risks that airplanes have, especially in regards to terrorists. A train can’t be diverted off its track, and is not capable of nearly the damage that an errant plane is. At Sharp and Fellows, the railroad is our specialty, whether we are building new track or inspecting previous laid track to make amends. If you are looking for a railroad contractor, look no further than the railroad track consultant experts.