What the Los Angeles Railway is Lacking

Where Does the Los Angeles Railroad Rank?


If you are looking for an accurate description of the effectiveness of the Los Angeles railway system then you must go to the source, the daily riders. Unfortunately, the reviews given by the riders are less than stellar. The main issue riders take with the rail system is that it is too short. Those who take public transportation have to rely on the train and the bus to get to their destination. This not only becomes inconvenient but costly for those taking public transportation.


How Can the Los Angeles Railroad Improve?


One of the ways that Los Angeles County can improve their railroads is by laying down more track. The city has made plans to expand their tracks and to build a high-speed rail. It is a wonderful first step but expanding their tracks does little to improve the situation if the tracks are not being placed in area where they are needed the most.


Currently, there are plans to extend the lines located in the Westside, near LAX, and to the east of Pasadena. Westwood will see an expansion of the Purple line to while the Gold Line will extend to Santa Monica. This is the right track as these areas are in great need of reliable transportation.


The expansions of the rail lines is not only opening up opportunities  for regular commuters. There are hundreds of commuters from the San Bernardino and San Gabriel Valley that have to deal with an exhausting commute on a daily basis. On average, it takes drivers a minimum of a half an hour to travel to work. With toll roads, the price of gas, and the wear and tear on their vehicle, it can get very expensive for drivers. The addition of rail lines can allow commuters to switch to public transportation because of its convenience.


Los Angeles Railway


The job is far from over, in order to rank higher in the list of best public transportation, demands for public transportation must be anticipated and addressed.

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